Telstra coverage extension devices

Let’s get you connected in the moments that matter

Reliable connectivity can help your business deliver the level of service that your customers expect. Whether you need an in-building signal boost, or more reliable signal when you’re on the road, Telstra coverage extension devices can help you stay connected.

Our network coverage extension devices amplify the network signal of your mobile device to give you a clearer voice quality and better speeds.

We help farms, offices, warehouses and homes extend their Telstra 3G or 4G networks, bridging the connectivity gap in remote or built-up locations, or on the road. Talk to us today to find the right network coverage extension solution for your business.

Key features

Devices that suit your needs

Choose from extension devices that amplify coverage inside buildings, or in your vehicle.

Maximise your network coverage

Bridge the connectivity gap by extending your network coverage further.

Support when you need it

Enjoy peace of mind, with access to our team for support when you need it.


Clearer voice quality

Experience the improved quality of voice calling that comes with amplified coverage.

Reduce call drop-outs

Coverage extension devices can help you stay connected in the moments that matter.

Improve battery life of your devices

Help your devices run for longer, with less battery power used searching for coverage.

Getting started

Looking for a network coverage extension solution for your business? We’ll help you find what’s right for your location and requirements. Let’s get connecting.

Things you need to know: Depending on device capability and available coverage, network coverage extension devices can improve 3G and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network. Not all network coverage extension devices allow direct connection to the handset or broadband device. External antenna accessories are only available for selected handset and broadband models. Please refer to the device manufacturer for specifications or visit a Telstra shop for assistance.

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