3 network solutions to help improve your business performance

Network solutions that can improve your business performance

We are currently living in a digital economy, where most business operations, processes, and data storage are happening online. Because of this, the performance of your organisation is increasingly dependent on your network. When it suffers from latency and other disruptions, the effectiveness of your team can be impacted and may cause operations to slow or even halt. This is why optimising your network is so important. 

Below are some of the solutions we recommend small businesses implement to bring out the best in their business network, and by extension their business. 

1. Cradlepoint all-in-one router 

Your router is responsible for managing your network infrastructure, which keeps your systems and business applications performing at their best. With multiple devices connecting to your business network, it’s important that your router can handle large amounts of traffic while maintaining a high level of performance. 

Cradlepoint all-in-one routers can help facilitate this and streamline your IT management thanks to combined cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, and comprehensive security. This helps your business operations to keep moving. 

How business performance can be improved  

Spend more time on the things that matter – with an intuitive interface that allows you to see what’s happening on your business network, management is made simpler. This saves time and frees you up to focus on other objectives that can help improve the frequency and quality of your outputs. 

Boost network performance – with increased visibility from this simplified management, you’re able to see how your data is being used and avenues for improvement in regard to your data flow. This can support your applications to run more efficiently, reduce downtime, and create a more productive team. 

Enjoy peace of mind – Cradlepoint routers contain a failover feature that switches the connection to 3G, 4G, or 5G if wired connectivity is lost. This allows you to maintain service for customers and help keep things moving through outages. Built-in firewalls can also help to protect your digital assets and keep you compliant with security regulations. 

2. Failover solutions  

Don’t lose your internet connection or voice calling capabilities in a fixed connection outage. Failover solutions will automatically switch to an alternative voice or data connection when an outage is detected, helping you get back up and running smoothly. 

How business performance can be improved  

Maintain continuity of service – when outages impact your ability to service customers, this may result in reputational damages and impacts to client relationships. With failover solutions in place, your business doesn’t have to stop in the event of an outage and can keep delivering quality outputs.  

Uphold efficiency – downtime can add up to a significant cost overtime which is why minimising disruptions can help alleviate impacts to your bottom line. When your workforce stays operating, you aren’t losing revenue to wages but, rather, benefiting from the work being done. 

Get the most out of your applications – businesses usually make investments in applications that streamline operations and make things easier for their staff. Without a backup plan in place, when a fixed connection is lost, their return on investment may be impacted.

3. Network Device Management 

Network Device Management (NDM) means you have an external team, like TBTC Regional WA, to monitor, manage, and report on your network devices in order to help optimise their performance. This could be your router, firewall, access point or switch, helping you to get the most out of your investment, and keep systems operating at their best. These systems include your voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony, video calling, cloud-based app storage, and more. 

How business performance can be improved  

A network that works for you – services like NDM help you to uncover a network configuration that supports the way you do business. That way you can streamline productivity and collaboration. 

Frees up your resources – with external advisors handling the day-to-day management of your business network, you and other members of your team are freed up to do other things. This can help propel your business forward since no one has to halt processes in order to put out fires, which could open up opportunities previously not possible. 

Uninterrupted operations – with proactive monitoring and altering, issues are dealt with as they arise. This means minor issues are less likely to become bigger problems, and your external team can do what’s necessary to help maintain the continuity of service. This also helps to reduce business disruption and can result in greater efficiencies. You can also access a dedicated service desk to call whenever you need some extra insights.  

Talk to TBTC Regional WA today  

These are just some of the solutions that can help you improve your network, and by extension your business performance. Our team will get to know your business, including your unique challenges, plans for growth, and specific goals as an organisation. This will help guide us towards a tailored tech solution that supports your organisation. Talk to us today, and let’s get solving.

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